WFCO 8900 Series Brown 55A Power Center Converter/Charger WF-8955PEC 19-0586

Item No: 19-0586
Brand: WFCO
Mfg No: WF-8955PEC
Wt: 8.00
UPC: 816227010094
Manufacturer: WFCO
Availability: 1082 in stock
SKU: 19-0586
Manufacturer part number: WF-8955PEC
GTIN: 816227010094

The WF-8900 Series has revolutionized RV power centers with its lighter weight (7lbs.), decorative doors and superior features. Provides constant 13.6 Vdc nominal output, for reliable operation of electronics and appliances. Automatic three-stage charging extends the life of the battery with output voltage modes of 13.2 Vdc range "float" mode, 13.6 Vdc range "absorption" mode, and a 14.4 Vdc "bulk" charge mode. This unit maintains peace and quiet as the fan runs only when needed. Dimensions: 13.875" W x 11.625" H x 9" D 55 AMP.