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Every Thetford toilet - from the finest china to the most economical - has thoughtful ergonomic features so you're assured of a comfortable, elegant and trouble-free toilet. Add water-saving features and ease of use, and you see why Thetford is the industry leader. Aqua Magic V is a proven performer that's been redesigned to flush even easier. Lightweight all-plastic design is easy to install and service.

RV Airflow

RV Airflow System

Improve the performance of your RV air conditioner! The RV Airflow is a patent-pending module that installs into the plenum, the space between the bottom of your air-conditioning, that captures 100 Percent of the air and directs it in an optimized way into your RV's existing duct work. The module is a non-electrical, non-mechanical device that removes air friction and turbulence, allowing your roof mounted air-conditioner to operate at it's designed capacity.

Dometic Fresh Jet

Dometic Fresh Jet

The FreshJet 3 Series rooftop air conditioner improves the way you cool your RV so you can cool down quickly—and rest easier. The innovative blower system quietly moves an average of 350 cubic feet of cool air per minute, providing a faster cooldown in hot ambient temperatures. With 13 Percent more cooling power, you can focus on your RVing experience and time with friends and family. 

Flame King

Flame King LP Tank Cover

Propane tank industry leaders providing quality, service and value, giving our customers the best experience with their propane tank equipment. Flame King specializes in making propane tanks and cylinders used daily across the globe. You’ll find the quality of our customer service equals that of the propane tanks we deliver.

Husky Center Line

Husky Center Line 4 Point Sway Control

The Centre Line TS provides Sway Control, superior performance and value. Centre Line TS is a new, advanced, lighter, and more compact design based on the award winning Centre Line HD. Lift brackets, head and spring bars all work together to deliver a very smooth and highly responsive ride – a ride that is noticeably quieter than other products on the market. Trunnion style spring bars are matched to popular weight ranges, delivering unmatched integrated weight distribution and sway control, superior performance, more ground clearance, and an unmatched value.

Featured products

JR Products Black Flange Fresh Water Inlet w/Check Valve 160-85-A-36-A 10-0526

Item No: 10-0526
Brand: JR Products
Mfg No: 160-85-A-36-A
Wt: 0.43
UPC: 756815001328
$22.04 $15.69

JR Products Colonial White Flange Fresh Water Inlet w/Check Valve 160-85-A-16-A 10-0739

Item No: 10-0739
Brand: JR Products
Mfg No: 160-85-A-16-A
Wt: 0.43
UPC: 756815000093

Tekonsha Primus (TM) IQ LED Indicator Trailer Brake Control for 6 Brakes 90160 17-0094

Item No: 17-0094
Brand: Tekonsha
Mfg No: 90160
Wt: 1.25
UPC: 783192023445

Dura Faucet 60"L Brushed Satin Nickel Plated Shower Head Hose DF-SA230-SN 10-1241

Item No: 10-1241
Brand: Dura Faucet
Mfg No: DF-SA230-SN
Wt: 0.60
UPC: 781307515106

Prime Products 1-3/8" Baggage Door Thumb Operated Combo Cam Lock 18-3078 20-0563

Item No: 20-0563
Brand: Prime Products
Mfg No: 18-3078
Wt: 0.20
UPC: 763581239299

Manchester Tank 20 lb Cylinder Kit Double Bottle Rack 1801.1 06-0347

Item No: 06-0347
Brand: Manchester Tank
Mfg No: 1801.1
Wt: 9.00
UPC: 013734180115

Powerhouse Black Group 24 Vented Battery Box w/Lid 13034 19-3017

Item No: 19-3017
Brand: Powerhouse
Mfg No: 13034
Wt: 1.20
UPC: 088805130344
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